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A roof for social businesses,
Where all the participants are equal but not equal partners


UNITISM changes the way we think about businesses. It's not what the company wants, it's what you like to do and how we can combine that with the company's needs.

No more employer and employees, we are all partners

In UNITISM it’s first you, me, us, and then the business

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Our Vision

To create an economic system that is not based on massive profits for the upper class (who's a small portion of society), but creates value and equality.
Constructing platforms that provide equal opportunities that bring great value to a person beyond money - like health, education, spirit, and more.

In order to create change in society, we need to establish businesses that contribute to what we truly want in life. These businesses should be profitable and produce as many jobs as possible.
Their outcome must be positive and correlate with our goals as mankind, which will be supported by infrastructure, energy, health, and security.

Our Goals:

1. Respect and equality between people.
2. Respect between person and place.
3. Personal empowerment.
4. Social empowerment.
5. Enjoyment!


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One Membership. Unlimited Classes

Tennis, Yoga, Martial Arts, Pilates, Dance and more!

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