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One System

Updated: Jul 16, 2022


Today in a business there are several different systems that interface at certain points, such as NYC and Brooklyn. In order to cross between the two sides, you have to get to the point of the bridge (or tunnel). It is impossible to cross from anywhere.

In our lives, we ​​run in multiple systems. We have a calendar for meetings, another place for notes, a different one for writing articles .. Our communication is also in different systems .. Emails, WhatsApp, video, audio.

The financial system- Each currency is a separate system, payment methods are separate systems.

The educational system - We have an elementary school, high school, university, Work..

Who said it's right to work with different systems? Why should someone who works be in a separate system from that in the first grade, and who says that age is the right way to divide those systems? Maybe it's only half right? Maybe there were some things that suited, but some that did not?

Why is there a separation between work and school? What's work? Isn't it actually practical studies? Isn't that actually some kind of practice? Aren't all of these things together just one big game?

Why do I have software to write my schedule and I need another software to access it? Why is my desktop just a board with shortcuts to different kinds of systems? Why isn't it a system that includes everything? Why is there Word software to write things? If I wrote a document, isn’t it an event that should appear on the calendar?

In emails I have tasks. So why are the emails and tasks separate? Why do I need to search in several systems?

If I learned something at some point, why do I have to look for where it was, instead of having one place for all of the material studied?

It doesn't exist, because it's difficult to produce it, and not because it's not supposed to be that way! People get paid by the hour and not by the product because it's easier to measure. That doesn't mean that's necessarily the right way! Of course, we made all kinds of tools to make it better, but it's still not the right way!

A person should not work for money… The educational system should be one system that encompasses learning things and producing them, and according to that, the person’s actions will be evaluated and he will get points in the game. The more you learn, the more opportunities you have to produce, and the more you gain..There's no need to leave one system and go to another, and then negotiate prices and so forth.

Who said the system of companies is the right system? Why do we have companies and not one company that does everything? A child that is born should be educated in the values ​​of honor, love, and giving, and to start contributing and giving, keep learning, give more, learn more, and so on. Competitive businesses are excellent, why? Because it encourages companies to lower prices and give a higher value… Don’t you see a problem here?? Why would a company want to do something else ?? Why should a company be a private entity and want to promote only itself? This is fundamentally wrong!!

Every person should strive to move forward and push forward. A person who progresses more should get a higher return! But what is a return, is it money? Why are we chasing money? After all, it's us who decided that there was value to money, so how could we possibly have given it a higher value that replaced honor? ??? One person is homeless while another person is sleeping on a luxury mattress - What value did that person receive if he let the other person sleep outside? We were born with a bug in the system, such a bug that managed to compile and harm society. But we now have discovered the bug and must make a change and fix it.

To solve these kinds of bugs we constantly need to remind ourselves what we really want in our society, and what will make us happy !! Is it money? No!! Is it what money buys ?? No!! It has already been proven that this thing is just a band-aid, so why are we chasing money? We got sidetracked. We forgot to lift our heads and see if our goal is still ahead of us. Now, when we lift our heads, we don't see much .. we go into the maze, but it's okay .. once we recognize the mistake, the way back to the goal is much simpler! We've found the way, we're going home! It will take time, but we will change course, create one system that gives us everything we need and we’ll give it back wholeheartedly, by learning and creating, learning and creating.

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