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PLAY is a platform comprised of social members and designed to connect between instructors, Players and design to facilitate sport activities The social members are: Instructors Players Facilities’ owners Administrators These terms and conditions apply only to Instructors and Players The income will be derived from Players payments in membership categories that are not free. The income will be appropriated in the following manner: Instructors- 70% Referrals- 12% Administration and all other expenses incurred by the organization 18% The income and the percentages in all categories are subject to reduction by charges of banks, credit cards and other money clearing expenses (“credit companies”) PLAY will offer several monthly plans for different fees Membership fees The fees charged to the player will be based on the plan which a player chooses, and will be due monthly. There will be one free plan. A player can participate unlimited times in classes in an enrolled plan or in any other plan that is subject to a lower monthly fee. The membership will renew automatically every month oppon timely payment. The membership may be canceled at any time without penalty, Once a monthly payment is made it is not refundable. The method of the 70% distribution to instructors per month, will be pursuant to the following formula: Divide the monthly money allocated to the plan by the number of attendances resulting in an amount per attendance Multiply the amount per attendance by the number of attendances for each instructor The compensation for instructors shall be calculated every month and shall be paid 15 days after the organization has received all the monies from the credit companies. Each instructor is free to determine the time, place and number of classes that he chooses to conduct. The instructor is responsible for the upkeep of the facility or equipment the class uses during the session. Each instructor is an independent contractor Each player is free to choose the time, place and number of classes in his plan as long as the class is available and the registration is not full. If an instructor is unable to appear at a scheduled session, due to circumstances beyond his/her control, the instructor will give timely notice and make an effort to find a substitute. All members are free agents and there is no employer employee relationship All members are aware that occasionally an instructor or a player may be unable to perform a prior commitment. All members are aware that engagement in sport sometimes produce injuries and are knowingly fully accept this risk PLAY for reason, may terminate the membership of a member Members will obey the law and rules and regulations of all facilities. PLAY is in its initial stages and expects to grow and expand. Since the instructors are independent contractors, it is impossible to predict when and how many classes will be offered. Each member is responsible for his/her personal property. PLAY is not responsible on any personal property of whom so ever. In the event of legal disagreements the parties agree to resolve all issues by arbitration and waive the right to resort to legal proceedings in a court of law. PLAY may take pictures of activities. PLAY will be the owner of such pictures and will have the exclusive rights to use such pictures for promotional purposes or any other legal purposes. This platform according to the best knowledge of administrators is unique and there is not andeticle platform anywhere else. The vision is to create a social club for the benefit of all the members with full transparency and we hope that we will be successful. Feel free to share with us your thoughts and ideas and we may adjust periodically for the benefit and success for all of us

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