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PLAY Everywhere! By anyone! With everybody!

PLAY is a platform that connects players, instructors, and venues owners in order to provide an optimal environment for all its participants: Venues owners can turn their empty rooms and facilities into profit (similar to Airbnb), instructors can open classes without limitations and choose ideal locations for these classes and players are surrounded with endless classes at any given time, offering a variety of sport activities at all levels and at all prices.

PLAY turns the world into our playground



Members can organize groups together for free or join instructor-led classes for a monthly membership fee.

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Coaches make more money

PLAY pays 70% of earned revenue directly to coaches and not to studios!​​

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3-Sided Marketplace

Anyone can place their venue onto the marketplace to make money!


Tamar says:

“Genius concept! A variety, not expensive, close to home, and a cool neighborhood environment.”

Tamar Yavin




US Canada London

Urban Sports Club


We do it better:

  • Everywhere

  • Unlimited

  • More sports

  • Freemium

  • Community



Ilya Radu

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Meet The Team

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Yuval Klein


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GiaLinh Ngo

Marketing Specialist

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Yehuda Noiman


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Selame Kassaye

Social Media Marketing Consultant

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Brian J. Esposito


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Xianwei Hou

UX/UI Designer

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