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A roof for social businesses, where all the participants are equally but not equal partners

Our Goals

  1. Respect and equality between people.

  2. Respect between person and place. 

  3. Personal empowerment.

  4. Social empowerment.

  5. Enjoyment!

  • How much does it cost to have PLAY.FUN Unlimited?
    $150 and you can join classes as much as you want! Yes, even on the same day, no limits!
  • What do you mean by "Invite friends to join PLAY.FUN and earn money"?
    PLAY.FUN allocates 12% of its all revenue to its ambassadors! 7% of the referred membership amount 2% of the referrer's referred membership amount 1% of the referrer's referrer's referred membership amount 2% from the referred instructor's revenue To make it easy, if in average each one refer 10 people, you will get $1905 passive monthly income. You right, it's a lot!!
  • How do I invite someone to PLAY.FUN
    On your profile you click on the SHARE icon and share it with your friends. You can also click on the SHARE through each class.
  • What is the membership cancellation policy?
    PLAY.FUN is a month by month membership, you can cancel your membership anytime and keep enjoy classes until the end of your payment cycle (example: You paid on the 2nd, the next payment will be the 2nd of the next month, if you cancel, you won't charge next month, and you can come to classes until the 1st of next month)
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